Quick Guide For Detecting Traffic Signals by Color


With around 7 billion people on the earth and an average of 1 to 2 vehicles per family, the roads are always crowded. We are no strangers to accidents even when all possible precautions are taken and traffic rules followed. Identifying and driving according to traffic lights is among the most important traffic rules to be followed. Traffic signals play a very important role in controlling traffic. In this article, we will be giving you guys information on identifying traffic light signals. 

Traffic Light Colors

A typical traffic light consists of 3 colors, red, green, and yellow. In a few regions, the color yellow is replaced with orange. Each color represents a different action which we’ll get into detail in a little bit. In the present day, all traffic lights are electric and automated. The colors of traffic lights are said to be derived from the traffic signal colors for trains from the 19th century. 

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Traffic Lights Meaning of Colors

In order to act accordingly for every traffic light color that appears, the meaning has to be understood first. We’ll now discuss the meaning of each color, red, green, and yellow one after the other. 

Green Traffic Light

You can openly shoot your way through the road when the light turns green but just turn to your right and see if there are any pedestrians walking on the crosswalk or the intersection. Though you are on the right end, consider looking on both of your sides for some extra safety.

Yellow Traffic Light

The yellow light usually means that the light will go to red within a while. If you see that the light has just turned yellow, you can go ahead as it will take a while for it to turn red. But it is always good to just wait when the light turns yellow because you may end up moving when it's read without noticing the light. 

Red Traffic Light 

The simple and straightforward meaning of the color red is to stop. As the intersection is being approached, the driver has to reach an absolute stop by the time they stop line is reached. If the stop line is not available, you have to stop before the crosswalk is reached. In case the crosswalk is also not available, you should stop before the intersection is entered. 

What does a flashing yellow traffic light at an intersection means?

If the yellow light seems to be flashing at an intersection, it doesn't require you to stop and all it means is to keep going but with caution. When the yellow light is flashing, just pay a little bit of extra attention to your driving and the surroundings and drive a little more safely. 

What does a flashing red traffic light means?

When the red light appears to be flashing, stop immediately, look to the right of the traffic, and only move forward if everything’s safe. It is mostly used at places where the stop line is not visible easily or if it's not available. 

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