Driving Safety Tips to Prevent Accidents on the Road


Nobody ever wants to get into a car accident willingly, but such things keep happening. The blame is always on one or the other person and there are a few precautions you can take to avoid car accidents. Driving is definitely one of the most stressful tasks and this guide will give you a few basic tips to stay away from an accident. By driving safe, you are not only making your journey safe but the road as well. So, now let’s get into the basic things you should follow to have a safe drive. 

Try Your Best To Keep Away From Accidents

You just can’t get away with a simple sentence of I didn’t see that coming after smashing through a car. 

  • When you are driving, make sure your complete attention is on the road. If you give this lame excuse of I didn’t notice that, the blame is completely on you because a person cannot technically be invisible to your eye. 
  • Avoid jamming out to your favorite beats when on road, if you feel like I gotta enjoy this song, just stop for a second, relax and enjoy the music. 
  • Roads in cities are never too open for you to do whatever you want. You have limited room on the road so, concentrate on where you are going. Turning a little to the right and a little to the left will definitely end up in a bump on your car. Pay attention to the road and think of what you are gonna do before smashing into space. 

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Understand the Blind Spots 

Areas like behind the pillars and the back of your car are the main blind spots. So, you need to be 10 times more careful while moving in these directions. 

  • Do not think that it’s enough if you look into the rearview mirror, it’s important to pay attention to the traffic on the sides. 
  • When traveling on a highway or places with a high-speed limit, the objects in the rearview mirror come close pretty easily. Do not go too close to a vehicle, maintain a safe amount of distance between your car and the vehicle ahead of you. 
  • When moving backward, pay extra attention, and look around a couple of times before rushing backward. If there are any kids around, you might not see those buddies easily so just be very careful. 

Avoid Driving When Stressed Out 

A large percentage of accidents happen when people are stressed, distracted, or unwell. When you are not feeling well mentally and physically, the effect of it will be seen in your driving. As soon as you get in the car, just relax and play your favorite for a couple of minutes before starting to drive. Get yourself in a good and happy mood before starting to drive. 

  • When going on a long drive, it’s possible for you to feel tired and fall asleep midway. When you experience that, just stop at a corner and relax for a bit and never make the mistake of continuing to drive. If it’s nighttime, don’t forget to switch on the lights when you stop on the side. In case you are stressed out about something, it will show a great effect on your ability to drive. 
  • Not only mental health but physical health also plays a big role in your concentration levels. Some people tend to feel dizzy after driving for quite a while, if you are among those people, just stop the car and open all the windows to let fresh air in.

Drive Slowly in Bad Weather and Wet Roads 

It is absolutely true that driving in bad weather and on wet roads are some of the hardest things to do. 

  • When the weather is foggy and rainy, it is easy for anyone to just start getting in the mood to drive as fast as they can. But, that’s the last thing you should do, when you feel like the weather is getting kinda bad, just slow down and go at a medium pace. 
  • When the weather is bad, it is very difficult to see everything properly. So, it is recommended to slow down so that you get time to see what’s ahead and act accordingly. 

Some Basic Driving Tips

✔ A seat belt is a must   

The first driving lesson anyone is taught is to just wear a seatbelt at all times. It’s a safety device in your car that you are given the choice of whether or not to put on. Though you are safe on your side, any of the other people on the lane might mess up and dash into your car. In such situations, wearing a seat belt is a lifesaver and you must do that. If you have a baby in the car, buy a baby seat, and tie the baby in. 

Facts: In Australia, 20% of fatalities typically were drivers without a seatbelt but only 4% of the population drives without a seatbelt so if you do not wear one it can cost you a serious accident. So, make sure to wear the seat belt before getting your hands on staring.

✔ Never surpass the speed limit 

Driving above the speed limit is not just dangerous but illegal as well. Driving at a speed of 50 kilometers per hour on a road with a 30 kilometer per hour speed limit does save you 30 minutes but is very dangerous as well. When you move faster, you have less time to process, understand, and react to any unfortunate situation. If you break the speed limit once, you will be fined and if the activity continues, there will be permanent punishment. 

✔ Learn to be patient 

Patience is one of the key necessities to be a good driver. A large percentage of accidents tend to happen when there’s a lack of patience in the driver. Time is one of the aspects that should be considered while on the road but safety is much more important. You are always rushing to get to a destination fast but remember that if you get in a car accident, you’ll end up taking a lot more time to get there. A safe drive doesn’t require anything but a little bit of patience and following a few traffic rules. 

Conclusive Thoughts:

The term accident infers it just happens, try using the incident as in many cases road trauma is entirely avoidable. The problem is people make mistakes on the road system, so the focus is around how do you reduce the energy of a crash such that it is not fatal or result in a serious injury.

    • The strategy we use is Safe Systems. Safe speeds, safe roads, safe drivers, and safe infrastructure.
    • On the speed – drive to the conditions.

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