How to apply for a learner’s permit in Texas


There are two major things you need to qualify for in order to get your learner’s permit in Texas. The first one is your age, an applicant wanting to get the Texas learner’s permit should be 15 years of age or above. The second requirement is to complete the Texas online driver’s education course. 

Applicants that have completed the Texas online driver’s education course will have to take an online test after which they’ll get a certificate which has to be brought along while applying for a permit. The certificate shows that you are qualified to get your Texas learner’s permit. This online driver’s education course certificate is equal to taking an exam for your permit. You don’t need to write an exam to receive the Texas learner’s permit, the certificate of passing the online exam is enough. 

Choosing your courses

You have two options when it comes to choosing your online course. You can either go for parent-taught driver’s education or take an online Driver’s education course. In any of the above courses, once module 1 is complete you can apply for the permit. If you are taking an online course, you’ll have to write the online exam, only then, you can apply for the permit. 

How to apply for the Texas Learner’s permit? 

If you qualify for all of the above-mentioned stuff, take an appointment at a nearby Texas DPS. You will need to bring a legal guardian or parent along with you. After passing the online exam, you’ll need to bring verification of school enrollment, your social security number, and some other necessary things to the Texas DP. 

If you have performed all of the above-mentioned things, you’ll get your hands on the learner’s permit very soon. If you fail the online exam, do not worry, you can retake it. When you get your learner’s permit, you can start your Behind-The-Wheel training and then get your Texas Driver’s license. After being done with the tests, you’ll have to pay a fee of $16 to get your perm

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