4 Simple Strategies & Tactics to Improve Reading and Writing Skills


Whether it is to get good grades or to be able to get good at online content marketing, reading and writing are some of the most basic and crucial things needed. Getting good at reading and writing is a very important skill that can be mastered by following simple steps. The key is in building a habit, just make the following activities a part of your daily routine and you’ll start to see tremendous improvement in your writing and reading skills. 

1. Read and write everyday as a fun activity  

Practice, practice, and practice. You may just be absolutely the worst at it at first but just keep reading and writing, again and again, day after day. As you keep repeating your actions every day, you will start to get an idea about the skill and you’ll not make the same mistake you’ve made yesterday. Self-rectifying and self-learning is the best way to master the skills of reading and writing. 

Go to the library or any other book store and bring home books on topics that interest you. Read it for as much time as you want and write a daily summary of 1 to 2 pages of the part you read that day. This way, you are both getting the reading part covered and the writing as well. If you are willing to master reading and writing, there’s no shortcut, as much regular practice as possible is the best solution. 

2. Create your own questions about the text you have read 

Make questions about the book or story that you have just read and answer them. Asking yourself questions tests your understanding of the story or book or any form of text that you have read. You can ask yourself questions like, what sort of relationship do the two characters have? What are the main characteristics of the main character of the story or book you are reading? Answer such questions in a written format so you both test your writing and reading skills. 

Be very specific with your questions so that you can write your answers in a more in-depth matter. Doing this will help you get a deeper insight into the book or any text you are reading. 

3. Set your journal up 

This is another thing that you can do to work on your reading and writing skills at the same time. Having a journal is a very good habit where you can obviously exercise your writing skills but as you read it back, you can work on the reading skills as well. A personal journal is very good for your mental health and helps with improving your writing skills as well. 

Writing can definitely put you under pressure especially if you are writing about something else but a journal acts as a way of relaxed writing because you are obviously writing about yourself, your life, and your daily activity. It is important to have fun while writing, it’s the only way you can actually get good at it. 

4. Time to edit, ruthlessly 

If you have been writing every single day for a while now without breaking the cycle, you’ll start to be more confident in your work. Your becoming confident in your work doesn’t mean that it’s perfect. So, time to just get into ruthless editing mode or simply speaking, start being mean to yourself (just kidding). Most of your writing is probably going to be rewriting and having the eye of a ruthless editor will be very helpful. Just cut out parts that you think are not necessary and give yourself some lessons. 

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