NHA CPT Exam Questions and Answers PDF


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Download NHA phlebotomy test questions and answers pdf to crack the CPT exam in first attempt.   

The NHA CPT exam contains 100 questions along with 20 pre-test questions that are present for the sake of gathering data. The passing score for the NHA CPT exam is 390 out of 500. If you look at the NHA website, you’ll find that the pass rate of the test is around 63% which means the test is going to be pretty tough. All you can do to pass the test on the first attempt is to study really well. But, by chance, if you end up failing, you can try 2 more times and if you fail 3 times in a row, you won’t be able to take the test for the next 12 months.  

If you are really determined about cracking the NHA CPT exam on your first ever try, we have all that it takes to help you do it. The practice test available below is literally one of the best ways to prepare for the exam. One of the best ways to prepare for anything is to test yourself before the big day and find, rectify your flaws. Taking a practice test will give you that opportunity.  

We don’t mean to say that taking practice tests repeatedly is all you need to do, studying really hard is the first important thing. Taking practice tests like these will just give you confidence in your abilities. Stay concentrated and study for 3 hours every day for 1 month without skipping a day and you’ll be fascinated at the result.

Our guide contains more than 600 questions and answers.